Help Guide

How do I create a new list?

Creating a list with Planleaf is simple:
  1. Compose a new email with your team
  2. CC [email protected]
  3. Enter your tasks in the email body (start each task with dash)
Here's a sample email:
Example Email
Subject: Action Items

Team, things to wrap up:

–  Order business cards @Mike
–  Reschedule flights @Joe
–  Submit travel expenses (Friday)


How do I assign tasks?

Tasks are assigned using the @ symbol. Here's some examples assuming a list created with "Dan Smith <[email protected]>" and "Lisa Jones <[email protected]>":
  • - Email Tom @Dan
  • - Submit Expenses @[email protected]
  • - Meeting Minutes @Lisa @dan.smith
  • - @Smith will book flights
  • You can only assign tasks to members of the current list.
  • If we find a collision when assigning, such as two people with the same name, the task will remain unassigned.

How do I put dates on a task?

Dates go between parenthesis. You can enter dates in a wide variety of formats:
  • (Monday), (Wed), (Friday)
  • (Next Thurs), (tomorrow), (next week)
  • (July 5th), (July 7), (August 2015), (4/22/2016)
  • (Tomorrow @ 5pm), (Next Monday at 1pm), (Thursday at noon)
You can write free text inside the parenthesis as well. We only parse any date related text we find.
  • (Due by Friday), (Finish by tomorrow afternoon)
  • (before Monday)

How do I perform bulk updates?

You can perform bulk updates via the 'Edit' button. You can then add, edit, delete or complete multiple tasks all in one email.

How do I add or remove someone from an existing list?

You can add a new collaborator to a list by simply 'reply-all' and adding the new users email address. To remove a collaborator just 'reply-all' and remove the users email address.

Which email clients do you support?

Here's a list of tested and supported Email software:
  • Gmail (Chrome, Firefox, IE 9+, Android, iOS)
  • Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013
  • BlackBerry OS 7, 10 (Q10, Z10 etc)
  • Android 3+ native email app
  • iOS 5+ native email app

Which languages do you support?

Currently we only officially support English. However, you can actually use any language when creating lists/tasks. We support unicode (UTF-8), so most languages should work.